The pollution of water is another serious problem. Many factories pump their waste materials into rivers and lakes. Thus the water in those rivers and lakes becomes polluted and unfit for drinking. Fish were found dead in some rivers as a result of water pollution. People who bathed in the river became ill. This is also a case for the state Pollution Control Board . The factory owners must be instructed to treat their waste materials with suitable chemicals in order to remove pollutants.

Scientists say that thirty percent of land should be under forests . But today in kerala the area of forests is only twenty per cent of total land area . The area of forests has been shrinking because people have been destroying forests to build houses , dams and factories . When forests are destroyed , there will be less rain . Moreover there will be soil erosion . The land will become barren and food production will decrease rapidly . This will result in famine , and many people will die .It is therefore necessary to protect our forests . We should plant trees and increase the area under forests .

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