Let us see in what ways we are polluting and destroying the environment. First let us think of the air breathe .Smoke from factories poisons the air we breathe .The smoke emitted by cars ,buses and lorries is even more poisonous. Then there is the dust thrown up by traffic. We cannot say that there should be no factories and no motor vehicles.We cannot put the clock back. But we can take steps to reduce pollution. Factory owners should be told to eliminate pollution or to keep pollution within reasonable limits. This is what the Pollution Control Boards of various states are doing . Factories that refuse to comply with the instructions of the state pollution control board should be closed down . Similarly the owners of motor vehicles must be instructed to keep pollution under control . This can be done by making modifications in the engine and by using unleaded petrol.

Sound pollution is another serious problem .Too much of sound not only destroys our peace of mind but also harms our health . Loudspeakers and the horns of motor vehicles cause sound pollution. The use of loud speakers and horns should be kept under control , especially in cities and towns.


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